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Michael Le Net Worth 2022 – Income, Assets, Earnings, Car

Michael Le Net Worth 2022 – Property, Earning, Salary, & Cars - Oprice

Michael Le is an American choreographer, YouTuber, TikTok celebrity, and social media influencer. One of the most well-known content producers in the US, Michael Le, is adored by many for the original material he produces for TikTok and other social media sites.

Additionally, Michael Le is far more well-known under the name Justmaiko. He has one of the most impressive fan bases among TikTokers worldwide. On his TikTok account, Michael Le has over 51 million followers and 1.4 billion likes. Some social media celebrities like Michael Le have tremendous fan bases.

Aside from TikTok, he also has a huge fan base on several other social media sites, like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. So let’s speak about Michael Le’s overall net worth, as well as his earnings, assets, stunning automobile collection, opulent lifestyle, profession, biography, and other fascinating things.


Personal Life

Michael Le Net Worth, Age, Girlfriend, Family, Biography & More - TheWikiFeed

Michael Le, also known as Justmaiko, was born in West Palm Beach, Florida, on March 19, 2000. He is 22 years old as of 2022. Michael’s mother’s name is Tina Le, who is an entrepreneur and the owner of Hair & Nail Spa.

Michael Le Net Worth, Age, Girlfriend, Family, Biography & More - TheWikiFeed

He has two younger brothers, Danial and Jonathan Le, and a sister named Tiffany Le, who dances and is active on social media. Typically, his siblings can be seen in his TikTok videos. When it comes to his girlfriend, Michael Le is dating fellow Analisseworld member, dancer, and TikTok celebrity, Analisseworld.

Michael Le Net Worth, Age, Girlfriend, Family, Biography & More - TheWikiFeed

Since he was little, Michael has always wanted to be a dancer. He began dancing at the age of 4. He first became interested in hip hop in the fourth grade.


Michael Le Net Worth

In 2022, Michael Le’s net worth is estimated to be about $4 million US. He is among the wealthiest and most popular TikTokers in the country. He appears on Forbes’ list of the 30 Under 30 social media stars for 2021. The monthly salary of Michael Le exceeds $20,000. His money is derived from various sources, including social media and his TikTok account.

Michael earns a lot of money through his YouTube channel, where he posts everyday life vlogs and has millions of fan followers. At a very young age, he gained enormous popularity and became well-known around the nation for his brand of lip sync videos. In addition, Justmiko benefits greatly from various brand promotions, advertisements, television programs, and paid partnerships. The yearly salary of Michael Le exceeds $250,000.

Net Worth 2022

Name Michael Le
Net Worth 2022 $4 Million
Monthly Income $20,000 +
Yearly Income $250,000
Gender Male
Profession Choreographer, YouTuber,
TikTok Star

Michael Le Net Worth Last 5 Years:

Net Worth In 2022 $4 Million
Net Worth In 2021 $3.5 Million
Net Worth In 2020 $2.5 Million
Net Worth In 2019 $2 Million
Net Worth In 2018 $1.8 Million



At a very young age, Michael Le started his profession as a dancer. In 2016, he initially began sharing his dance videos on Tik-Tok. Up to that point, he rose to fame among dance enthusiasts.

He became well-known on social media due to his dance challenges and instructions. Along with working with other dancers and famous people, he has also done projects with Jason Derulo, Crissa Jackson, Mikeila J, and Javier Romero. On an escalator, he performed “Hips Don’t Lie” by Shakira.


Michael is mainly well known for the choreographed songs “Let the Groove Get in” and “Came To Do.”


Physical Appearance

Michael Le Net Worth, Age, Girlfriend, Family, Biography & More - TheWikiFeed

Michael Le is a young, attractive, intelligent, and dashing boy with a charming and dashing demeanor. He has a muscular rhomboid body type, excellent physical measurements, and a robust, appealing physique.

He stands at about 5 feet 10 inches and weighs about 75 kg. His short, fashionable black hair complements his stunning, hypnotic eyes, which are blazing dark brown in hue.


Favourite Things

Favorite Actor Logan Lerman, Will Smith
Favorite Actress Joey King
Favorite Singer (Male) Not Available
Favorite Singer (female) Taylor Swift Lady gaga
Favorite App TikTok
Favorite Game Lord of the monster
Favorite Movie Spider-Man
Favorite Food Conch Fritters
Favorite Youtuber Not Available
Favorite Instagrammer Not Available
Favorite Song Not Available
Favorite Clothing Brands Victoria’s Secret and Old Navy
Favorite Season Spring, Summer
Favorite Footballer Not Available
Favorite Color Red, White
Favorite TV Show Pokemon
Hobbies dancing Making lip-sync videos, playing with pets



Michael Le is one of the rich social media stars in the United States and is very fond of luxury cars and lifestyles. He is the owner of a stunning home in one of Los Angeles, California’s most tranquil neighborhoods.


Michael Le Wiki: Height, Age, Girlfriend, Family, Biography & More

Let’s take a closer look at Justmiko’s garage, which is home to some pricey automobiles. He is the owner of a Tesla Model S, an expensive luxury vehicle that goes for about $96,190. The Nissan Maxima is the second most costly vehicle in his garage and is thought to be roughly $42,300.


Like other well-known TikTok celebrities, Michael Le is at the top of the list for brand promotions and sponsorships. He represents the Bang drinks brand, one of the top energy drink manufacturers in the United States. Apart from that, Michael Le has launched his merchandise through Shluv clothing. He sells men’s clothing, including hoodies and other items, in this merchandise.


Sources of Income


When he was 16, Michael started posting on TikTok and became well-known for his dancing and lip-syncing videos. Additionally, he has shared videos of himself taking on numerous dance challenges and teaming up with dancers and performers like Jason Derulo, Crissa Jackson, and Javier Romero. 51.4 million people follow his account, and there have been 1.4 billion views.

In 2020, when he had 40 million followers, Michael earned $1.2 million from his account, according to Forbes. Given his massive gain in followers and likes, the number is undoubtedly higher now.


Justmaiko, Michael’s YouTube channel, also has a sizable fan base. His most popular video, “I PUT MY LITTLE BROTHER ON HIS FIRST DATE! **Jonathan & Sienna Finally Meet**,” is one of many vlogs he posts in which he engages in various activities with his brother, like getting tattoos, talking about his days, and engaging in multiple hobbies. With nearly 166 million views, he has 2.67 million subscribers. According to SocialBlade, Michael can make up to $4,300 per month and $51,200 annually.


On Instagram, Michael is highly active. In addition to several comedic routines, he frequently releases reels of himself dancing alone, with his dance team, and with other celebrities like Terry Crews. He participates in Instagram fundraisers as well. On Instagram, he has 2.4 million followers and an average 149,110 likes. He also does several brand partnerships with organizations like Amazon on the platform.

other businesses

Recently, Michael and digital entrepreneur Robin DeFay co-founded the gaming firm Joystick. According to hollywoodreporter.com, the business received $8 million in first finance. The two founders intend to build a platform where players may play and make money.

They can join the startup for a set cost, and members will receive 100% of any profits. Le and his family also appeared in the Shluv family, a Facebook-produced program. The Le family experiences a variety of challenges and pastimes in the episode.


Like the Hype House, created by Michael and his younger brother Jonathan, the Club House is a TikTok collaborative. The Shiv mansion has amassed more than 50 million fans on TikTok due to Michael’s stardom. Additionally, the collective had a clothing line of its own, which was discontinued in 2020. Additionally, he represents the energy drink brand “Bang drinks” as its brand ambassador. The specifics of their collaboration are still a mystery.



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