Strike: ASUP meets management as lecturers insist on Industrial action

Strike: ASUP meets management as lecturers insist on Industrial action

The strike action embarked on by ASUP on Monday morning has left students looking forlorn at the turn of events in our citadel instead of the uninterrupted academic proceeding in recent months.

Given the current happening, ASUP chairman and Deputy Rector Academics have unveiled the details behind the ongoing strike action via in-depth interaction with the NAIJARAY.

Chairman of Academic Staff Union of Polytechnic, Ede chapter, Barrister Azeez, has told the NAIJARAY the outcome of the meeting held with Management on Monday; “There was no meaningful outcome of the meeting. They have not paid us Part-time, and Project Supervision claims.
Barrister Azeez further threatened that a general industrial action is imminent over Earned allowance apart from the ongoing Part-time strike, claiming that they had given Management 30 days ultimatum before and given them another seven days ultimatum to clear the deficit.
Although, he clarified that the industrial action might not necessarily mean strike.
In his words, “For full time, we have Earned allowance that has not been paid and we give them 7 days ultimatum. If they do not meet our demand, we may likely give them another industrial action again.

The Deputy Rector Academics, while reacting to the strike, revealed that the management had a meeting with ASUP; “We met with ASUP and told them we would work on it and they should allow lectures to go on, but ASUP said until they get to Congress… ASUP Congress will decide whether they return to class or not.

According to him, there are modalities to put in place before the Part-time claims could be paid while the Project Supervision claims have been approved for payment by the Rector on Friday.
On the issue of Earned allowance, he said that the current regime had paid 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2017 backlogs of Earned allowances; it remains only 2016 Earned allowance, although he claimed he is not sure of the year as he is not in charge of the bursary.

Meanwhile, the Students’ Union Government has declared that there should be no lectures for full-time students till further notice, stressing that an injury to one is an injury to all.
Our correspondence appeal to both management and ASUP bodies to – consider the students whose 2-year program has turned to 3 due to COVID-19 break and internal strikes – find a swift and lasting solution to the industrial action as early as possible.

Strike Rumour: Management set to meet tomorrow, Deputy Rector Academics

Following the strike rumor circulating among the students’ populace regarding Lecturers going on strike for the part-time students, PRESS correspondent speaks with the Deputy Rector Academics, Dr. Petinrin.

The Academic Staff Union of Polytechnic, Ede chapter demanded that their Part-time lectures dues, both Daily and Regular, be paid on or before Friday, January 28, 2022.
While speaking with NAIJARAY correspondent, Dr. Petinrin said: “.ASUP gave the management last Friday as an ultimatum to pay the lecturers dues for part-time lectures but the management was unable to meet their demands

Meanwhile, he said the management is working on meeting the demand made by ASUP.
The management will equally meet on it on Monday to see how the money could be paid without ASUP going on strike.
While we await both parties to reach a suitable compromise, we urge all students to report to their various classes tomorrow for lectures.

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