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Overcoming challenges, failure and dealing with life’s unexpected events can push you and everything you believe to the limit. Fear of the unknown and losing what you’ve been working towards can be overwhelming and trigger stress and anxiety.
This is a normal response, and as humans, we crave certainty.

It’s not easy to accept what you feel you have lost. Or to release your grip on what you’re trying to control. A whole lot is wrong with the SU because of dishonesty and selfishness. It is a big shame to us all, including myself as the ISEC chairman that inaugurated the present SU leaders.

Students are the enemies of ourselves and what caused the downfall of the Union is that they had refused to work hand in hand with each other just because of faculty differences. They discriminated against each other and forgot they were a team and should work together.
At first, Adam led crew started well, not until he indulged himself in some things and lost control of the Union at the hands of the oppressors.

The President believes so much in himself just as his Predecessor, he failed to gather his executives and make them work for him.
He claimed his welfare director is from Engineering and doesn’t wish to work with him as well as some other executives.
Godfatherism should be set aside; they also came into the Union asking him to let go of Kazywhite and the souvenirs that he would have won the heart of the students at large with it.
The SU speaker and SU Chief Justice started the fight for supremacy on who is more powerful than the other, which also crippled the Union entirely.

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They got divided as SUEC, SURC and SUJC had different caucuses in the same Union building, which went out of the building, making students see the flaws of the Union.
They were unable to manage their affairs, so how do you expect them to manage the affairs of all the students yet things can still be fixed.

In a short sentence, Adebam led crew has failed us
Back to students of this great Citadel of learning, there’s a saying that goes thus that ‘When things are better, human will start around, but when it goes wrong, they step back’s.
We also forgot it was our Union, and we all stepped back to watch it fall, abusing the Union forgetting the goodies they had done from the beginning.
The adam-led crew shared foodstuffs immediately after she emerged.
The Union helped the boys’ hostel.
Different robbery cases inside and outside the School.
We forgot all of that and capitalized on their failure.

A student was harassed and slapped by Mr. Tijani of Statistics with more than enough evidence for the School to act on. Yet, there are processes and procedures to be taken before passing judgment, yet nothing was done, and nothing will be done about the issue.
It’s a buried case already because the victim has been threatened with failure from a different hand, and he can’t do or say anything because the SU is weak already, which is every one of us faults.
A girl was reportedly slapped at the DSA, even though there was no evidence regarding this but should all of these continue or should they be stopped.

That’s why students will keep being the enemies of students because a lecturer will never blame a lecturer for a student. Still, in our case, we will even crucify ourselves even if we are not at fault, and this is killing us all.
We might not be victims, but what if we turn out to be victims of the oppressors tomorrow? Then what will happen?

The former handler of Anonymous TV chatted and challenged about the issues of the SLT student that Mr. Tijani slapped, but we are all crippled because he can’t even face his fears; then who is Adebam to face these fears for him.

This case is even less to issues that are happening, and some of our students are dying in silence.
Different sexual harassment, oppression, a huge amount to be paid for projects.
It’s a big shame to all faculty and departmental presidents; if the SU didn’t function, you could handle these things so far; you were handed the mantle of leadership for your faculties and departments.

Faculty and departmental presidents achieved a lot during the regime of Kazywhite when the Union was also crippled.
Let’s check and balance out department and faculty presidents too.
Let them do the needful and not place all the blame on Adam.

It wasn’t as if Siwes led crew didn’t have flaws too, but the love and unity from both students and the Union body on its own led to the success of the administration.
With the little time remaining, let’s gather force and be one to fight against all forms of oppression.
Let’s fight injustice.
Adam led the crew, kindly take a step backward, look out for your mistakes and correct them.


Hostilities lament over a short duration of power supply with the school’s generating set

The students occupying the school’s halls of residence have bemoaned the concurrent way the school’s generating sets are put off early in recent days.

The NAIJARAY understands that the school’s generating sets which serve as improvised power suppliers in case of a power outage is scheduled to be put on from 7 pm to 9 pm, which is quite sheepish for an institution of this repute.

As the examination period draws nearer, the hostelites and night readers alike have become more curious as to why the generating sets are not working beyond the stipulated 2-hour timeframe.
The PRESS urges the management to increase the timeframe by an hour or thereabout, imploring the institution’s Students’ Union to intervene if the case remains perpetual.

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