The Ideological FPE Management And Failed Students’ Leader

The Ideological FPE Management And Failed Students' Leader

By Ajayi Mudashiru

An injury to one is an injury to all, and what matters most in life is not success but how far we may have hustled or struggled in life.
It saddens seeing our dear union in a realm of the mess that seems to be under bondage. At least you’re meant to be the voice of the student.

At times looking up to things of the future might bring the present down. To my point of view, Kazywhite‘s regime made some flaws, and so many wrote against him, even myself did, and it was because of nothing but because maybe probably he would see how to make a remedy as regards it.

So many matters that were never in favor of Nigerian students were placed on your desk, and you said nothing about them.

Aren’t you capable of your seat?

Don’t you even know your obligation as the student union president?

Have you made NIGERIAN student right a negotiable one?

Our summer program was put on hold, and you never for once addressed the entire student on how you’ve worked towards it

The Student Union election was put to hold, and the Management kept on playing us, saying examination would commence at the appropriate time and date, was that supposed to be ?

Now it’s coming again to a 100% increment of Tuition fee, and you never made any difference about it
Do you even ask them what the 6,500 for verification of result is all about?
Regarding the transportation perspective, which was 1,500NGN and now 1,950, what do we get from it, mostly the south campus student?

I felt down when you’re asked to address issues happening, but you all do is kept mute or probably you give a smiling emoji. It’s not so. We expected much from you, not all this you transgress to the institution and its environment.
ADEBAM, I’d not lie to you, there wasn’t what we NIGERIAN students expected from, and as a matter of fact, they’re still way forward, and that’s if you’re ready to comply with it.

To our dear Management, I applaud you regarding your decisions, but please don’t put yourself in the situation we pass once you have made your decisions.
Many of your decisions have always been brutal to us NIGERIAN students. You probably never care which outcome is we found ourselves.

Even when the Tuition was at a lesser amount, many Nigerians still found it difficult to fulfill the payment. Many Nigerian students go into things that don’t worth doing just for the sake of them to pay up their tuition fees themselves
Don’t you even know we are in the era in which many of us feeds ourselves? We engage ourselves in different hustles to make a living. Even though we are here in school, we still find a means of giving home when they need it.
Would the Management please tender mercy on us?
Can the Management make our rights a visible and into existence for us?
Hope our Management still realizes this is FEDERAL INSTITUTION?

Even today, we are battling on how we could sort out the integrated dues of countless students.
We all know you have children in some other institutions, if not FEDERAL POLYTECHNIC EDE; how would you feel if something is happening to them over there.
We don’t need to do things in a way the Government of this country does their things; we are different from them; let’s create a better innovation here in our citadel.

To our dear Management, we hope you’d look into this and checkmate it on how to make it convenient for us all.

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