FPE: Students Raises Security Intimidation, Reject SU Due Increment

FPE: Students Raises Security Intimidation, Reject SU Due Increment

Insecurity Around Campus: Students Raises Alarm

Recent reports reaching the NAIJARAY have it that the level of insecurity outside the Ede poly campus, particularly the Agbale axis and some part of the Ogberin axis, is horrendous as imposters posing as students but rumoured to be indigenous thugs extort students under the full moon.

Students who fell victim to this public robbery spoke to NAIJARAY correspondents. At the same time, they registered the ordeal that befell them, condemned the evil act and labelled it as a threat to the lives and properties of the entire student populace.

Collection of phones compounded with thorough beating, harassment of female students, compelling students to withdraw for them at POS centres were few of reports reaching NAIJARAY.
While filing this report, some set of students has taken a hopeful step by lodging a complaint to the Students’ Union.
The press joins numerous Nigerian Students to condemn the obnoxious act, branding it barbaric and detrimental to the peaceful coexistence between students and indigenes.
Given the above, the press at this moment calls on the ‘Students’ Union to act swiftly toward restoring the welfare and safety of the students.

Likewise, the management’s attention, most notably, the Directorate of Students’ Affairs, swept in promptly to proffer a long-lasting solution to the menace.

In addendum, the School Security unit should take it as a point of duty to help toughen internal security – lend helping hands to students close to the school gates, more efforts and more evident versionable security should be placed on the level of proximity to all school gates, particularly Small Gate Agbale.

Recall the polytechnic community was reportedly a territory for thugs, bashing and stealing students’ properties, which has led to a continuous increase of insecurity; PRESS somewhat recognizes the measures enforced by management to ensure security within the Polytechnic.

However, before things go beyond control as irate students return fire with fire which may deteriorate into bloody fights, appropriate quarters should sort out this looming hazard with impelling alacrity.

Security Intimidation

It is so bad and disheartened that we are oppressed even though we sometimes dance to the tune just for peace to reign. Reports are getting to the Students Union on how students are being embarrassed by the school security men at each gate that leads to the school, and we sincerely frown at these acts.

Information on campus now is how security men are harassing students, both male and female. The security sling is no longer concerned with the insecurities in the Polytechnic community from the indigenous thugs, instead of asking our ladies to take off their earrings, headgear etc.

It was said that the school Chief Security Officer asked his staff to do all of these, and it is so bad that we abolish this act.
We are now back to the days when our female students are now abused that security men embarrass our ladies at the gate to the extent of even insulting them and even body shaming them.
This is so bad, and we will not just sit and watch them treat our students.
Some ladies even complained that some even tried molesting them at the gate, and most of our Freshers are victims of the oppressors.

Guys are also body shamed and threatened, all on the order of the School CSO. He ought to be a father, yet he keeps using power against us.

There was no memo or information to the Students Union to inform us about the new rules and regulations. Therefore, we say a big NO to their further development as a result of this.
Some of the security officers at the gate will even apologize to students for those acts yet still say they merely act on their boss’s order.

We have heard and seen cases where the police compel students to forget that we are not criminals. Instead, we are students.

The CSO can’t be blamed for these acts because he was an ex-DSS officer, yet this is an educational environment, not a harbouring criminal environment.

There is a case whereby the school CSO used pepper spray on students that is hazardous to the eyes.
Different injustice and callous acts, but now we will stand against it.
We implore the School Management, Directorate of Students Affairs and the Students Union to look critically into these happenings.

Bad Reoccurrence Begins About A Bad Reaction

Most of us are molested at the school gate, especially Freshers. We portray the Polytechnic as an unsafe environment for them as thugs are extorting, stealing and hurting our students physically.
We kick against indiscipline, indecency, and hooliganism, but innocent students should not be victimized.
Maybe, we are back to the days when security men could slap students, punish us, and victimize us.
We won’t just sit back and watch as we will preach against all of these acts.
The CSO should look more into securing the students than our outfits and looks.

SU Due Increment

On behalf of innocent Nigerian Students, we write to express displeasure over the recent increment in SU due.
The students had been gravely disturbed since the levy was increased and consequently all along been engaging the PRESS to actualise a reversal.

As a student-friendly PRESS and a watchdog, the increment came to us as a surprise and insult to the country’s ongoing economic challenges, which the Students are not exempted.

We have juxtaposed the Mr President’s motives, yet it is necessary to state categorically that a ’40 leaves packages’ is not a genuine reason to bring discomfort to Students.

It’s not a must for the ‘innocent student” who struggled through the nose to school.
What is more critical is imparting knowledge and liberating the students’ community.
If we continue in this trend, then subsequent governments will increase.

On no account will a SU government wake up a day and make policy without passing through the SURC, which is the upper chamber for approval. An ‘excessively complicated administrative procedure’ is necessary.
Checks by FPE PRESS revealed that the decision was solely conceived and implemented by the Executive Arm, who are allied to the SU President.

Mr President should have pre-informed the Students in his manifesto, which brought him into this glorying office.
Mr President, we believe you should be aware of this before vying for the position?
As such, we say the decision is ill-treating and ill-timed; we have no doubt this singular decision by the SU will produce frustration.

We choose this way of calling your attention through this statement than that of ‘heavy criticism’.
Therefore, as a matter of urgency, we call on the SU to reverse the planned decision within 72hours else face the consequences.

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