Ede Poly: Management Frowns At Hooliganism Calls For Swift Intervention

Hooliganism Condemnable act that needs swift intervention – FPE Management


Ede Poly: Management Frowns At Hooliganism Calls For Swift Intervention

The continuous increase in the act of indiscipline, hooliganism and insecurity in a sane academic environment
Management NAIJARAY, via her release, encouraged management to have a bargain dialogue in not so distant time in addressing the issue.

A few years back, the polytechnic community used to be known for its relentless fight against indiscipline and no-nonsense character as the managerial bodies exhibited zero tolerance for immorality, unruly behaviour, violent demonstration and other non-virtue activities.

The accolades had received a new turn with the recent activities demonstrated on campus without checking and balancing in line with the students’ handbook.

NAIJARAY recalls an incident that happened on Monday, 5th of July 2021, when an unidentified and unconfirmed student rode into the south campus of the Polytechnic only to hit a bottle on fellow students at the mini-mart on the South campus. The doers of this devilish act went scot-free through the same gate they came in.
That was not only the case, as sequel reports show that the school disciplinary accords are in chaos with some students’ recurring nature of amorality.

On Tuesday, 8th of December 2020, when the CBT exams were suspended due to disorderliness and unruly behaviour put on show by the students, a correspondent of NAIJARAY confirmed students bagged harmful elements while in the queue, few uncultured students were once seen defecating and urinating in the SU building, one of the transport committee was beaten black-and-blue.

Lately, both erstwhile SUG President and current Alumni President were victims of physical assault at the SUG dinner and award night, where the latter escaped by a brush of his hair.

This improper behaviour and physical assault of fellow students is becoming a tradition. Students now believe that there is no punishment for any unjust and unruly act put on off and on campus.

The serene learning atmosphere which characterized Federal Polytechnic Ede is deteriorating into a fear zone as violence takes centre stage and indiscipline becomes the order of the day.

Much as the PRESS commend the management on the move against the sign out parade that gripped fear in both the students and staff of the Polytechnic, the needful is still very much needed to be done.
At this juncture, the school management is advised to take this in their stride and act promptly to rid of indiscipline from all angles as we receive new students for a new session.

All hands should be on decks to tailor a way to nip the threats of insecurity in the bud and further propagate “Knowledge, skill and character.”

Students’ Laments Over Muggy Lecture Room

The PRESS being a body independent enough to provide the students with information reliable and accessible enough, properly devoid of ambiguity has taken some investigative steps to have full information in and around her institution.

In her investigation leading to interview session with a student from the department of computer science, it was revealed that the lower level (ND’s) students suffers from unconducive lecture room which might leads to the students unavailability in attending lectures if the health status of others are to be considered in such a hall not ventilated.

NAIJARAY while filing this report meets with a student from same level who registers eagerness in letting the cat out of the bag on how the school has been setting unventilated lecture rooms right from their ND 1. He further elucidates; “Over 300 students were set at a particular small class to be receiving lectures”

Digging deep into the validity of this investigation gives more interest to the our correspondence by covering the view of one of the class Rep on the lecture room convenience. The Class Rep interrogated submit his grievance to the PRESS, He Said; “The management went further to add almost 30 dual students to over 300 students which are earlier experiencing lecture room inconveniences, is it as a means to inconvenience us more or a favour from their end? instead of making some amendments/ providing solutions to the current situation.

NAIJARAY correspondence having completed her investigation into the matter, appeal humbly on behalf of this students to the management to kindly look into their complains and ensure justice is done by providing an urgent solutions to their complaints to further smoothens lectures received by them.

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