Ede poly: ISEC reveals modalities for SUG e-Ballot voting

SUG e-Ballot: ISEC chairman lifts the lid on the current situation, reveals modalities for voting

Ede poly: ISEC reveals modalities for SUG e-Ballot voting
Today, the ISEC chairman Salako G. Olalekan has divulged to the PRESS the current situation of the forthcoming 2022 SUG election and the modalities for the electronic voting.

The Chairman, who revealed that the school management enforced the idea, said the ISEC body, SUG and management have met with the management and Rector to negate the proposed e-voting. Still, the meetings remain inconclusive so far.
We have not yet concluded. We lifted the ban because we feel there is not much time on our side to let activities be going on while we decide on means of election.
Despite the innovation of the e-Ballot application as a great development, he said that ISEC had raised two vital issues to contend with before e-voting could be done; “The issue of traffic and hacking were the two issues we raised.
He cited his ordeal trying to check last semester’s result on SIMs, which lasted for 8 hours, as a critical example.

Let’s assume 2000 out of over 10000 students of the school were trying to log in at a time and could not log in for 8 hours, and we have a 4-hour election from 8 am to 2 pm, how do students vote? Within 4 hours?
Although he claimed that the Director of MIS, who is the brain behind the application, tried to analyze their plans to nip the issue of traffic in the buds, ISEC remains unconvinced.

When asked about how the election can be rigged if a student having other matric numbers logs them in to cast a vote, he declined that such can not happen as each student will be given Voter’s Identification Number during physical accreditation – which will be held on election day – which he will input into the dialogue box before he would be eligible to cast a vote, emphasized that only 3 electorates can log in to the application on 1 Android phone.

In-house election: new ISEC executives emerge

New Independent Students’ Electoral Commission was yesterday constituted in an in-house election conducted by the Students’ Union Representative Council.

Amid controversies ensuing from the supposed impromptu call for constituting the ISEC as was initially declined by a statement released by former ISEC body, the election slated for 10:00am is at S. O. Babalola Hall was eventually held in the evening.

In the well-contested election, Olalekan Gafar Salako from Quantity Surveying emerged as the new ISEC Chairman. At the same time, Adejumo Gbolabo from Computer Engineering, Alawode Muneer from Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Omoloye Ponmile Segun from Business Administration and Management, Alao Lateef Adewale from Estate Management were elected as General Secretary, Assistant General Secretary, Financial Secretary and Public Relation Officer respectively.

When interviewed by Naijaaray, Olalekan Salako assured students of a credible election; “For this forthcoming election, it will be a free and fair election, and I want to assure everyone that there will be maximum security.

Meanwhile, the former ISEC Chairman Ajayi Mudashiru, who cited finance as their major challenge, recalled the feats they achieved during their term in office; “We introduced the debate, screening in different style, we included the PRESS and it was the first election in Ede where there was no violence. Collation of election was streamed live on Facebook, and all students had access to how the election was collated.

In his final remark, he thanked God, his co-executives, management and advised the newly elected ISEC Chairman to “hold on to unity and treat all executive members with love.”

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