CBT Exam: Ede Poly Management sends warning to defaulting Students

CBT Exam: Ede Poly Management sends warning to defaulting Students

Second semester CBT exam: DR Academics sends a clear statement to students on sectionalisation, warns defaulting students of consequence

Dr J. O. Petinrin, the Deputy Rector Academics of the Polytechnic, has sent a clear statement to students ahead of the second-semester examination slated to commence on April 4, 2022, explaining the consequence of the deliberate breach of such clear terms by any student.

On February 18, the management introduced the stress-killer method as contained in a memorandum released and signed from the desk of DR Academics on “sectionalisation of CBT examination.

In a reminder to the students today, he said, ” I have discussed with the exam committee. This time around, the timetable has allocated time and halls (halls 1, 2, and 3) for each department. Hall 1 is by the left, Hall 2 is at the middle, Hall 3 is the one by the right. So people in Hall 1 will enter through the door by the left, people in Hall 2 will enter through the main door, people allocated to Hall 3 will enter through the door by the right.

Continuing in his explanation, he stated that; “this time around, any student allocated to Hall 1 and is found in Hall 2 or 3 will be booked for examination infringement and suspended at least for a semester.

“Then, we have told the ICT that they should design so that people in the afternoon or evening if they come in the morning, they would not be able to log in. The people in the evening would not be able to login in the morning or afternoon. Anybody that comes when it is not his time will not be able to log in.”

He further enumerated that morning schedule, for example, is further sectionalised to 9-10 am, 10-11 am, 11-12 am. Any student scheduled in any time frame and appears at another time frame of the morning schedule will be booked for examination infringement for not coming at the scheduled time.

We want each student to come at their own allocated time and enter the allocated hall. That will make the CBT examination to be stress-free“, he concluded.

As a result, all students are admonished to stick with their allotted time and halls of examination to ensure smooth, flawless examination and avoid paying the hefty price for defaulting laid rules.

Security: SUG PRO, management urge polytechnic community to be security conscious while going about their activities

In an interview with NAIJARAY, SUG PRO, Owolabi Opeyemi Joshua, has revealed to the our correspondence that students should prioritize their safety during this trying period.

A rumour had been circulating among students about a possible security breach by some indigenous thugs, which had prompted the Students’ Union to publish a memo to restrict students from loitering around, urge them to stay safe within the walls of their hostels.

The spokesperson of the Union, who was also displeased at the turn of the event at the school pavilion earlier today, said: “Students just have to stay safe at this juncture.

Reacting to the speculation, a memo signed by the school Registrar and Secretary to the Governing Council, Alh I. T. Agboola, has urged the Polytechnic community to go about their business without fear amid report of security tension: “It should be noted that the Law Enforcement Agencies are primed to nip in the bud any security challenge.
“Given the above, community members are advised to go about their duties without any iota of fear. However, staff and students, particularly are advised to be security conscious as they go about their lawful activities”, the memo addressed to all members of the Polytechnic community concluded.


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