Bridget Phetasy Biography, Husband, Age, Family Show, Net worth

Bridget Phetasy Biography, Husband, Age, Family Show, Net worth

Who is Bridget Phetasy Wikipedia?

Bridget Phetasy is an American comedian, author, and podcaster, who is known for her show Dumpster Fire with Bridget Phetasy, a sarcastic show that focuses on all weekly news. Some information about Bridget Phetasy, including her husband, age, family show, biography, and net worth, will be made public by Naijaray. Let’s first have a peek at Bridget’s profile.


Where is Bridget Phetasy from?

On November 15, 1978, Bridget Phetasy was born in Connecticut, Massachusetts. Bridget lives in Minnesota with her mother and stepfather.

How old is Bridget Phetasy?

In 2022, Bridget Phetasy, who was born on November 15, 1978, will be 44 years old.


She completed an Ivy League College degree program with a perfect grade point average.

Irish Catholics make up Bridget’s family. Vanessa Phetasy is one of her three sisters, and she also has a brother and a sister.

Why is Bridget Phetasy famous?

Bridget is an American comedian, writer, and podcast host who is famous for her show Dumpster Fire with Bridget Phetasy, a sarcastic program that takes a look at all the news in a week.

Bridget Phetasy Husband

Bridget, 44, prefers to keep details of her personal life private and makes every effort to keep them off social media. According to information, Bridget is currently unmarried. She was married, but the name of her ex-husband hasn’t been made public yet.


Bridget Phetasy Biography, Husband, Age, Family Show, Net worth


When Bridget was 11 years old, her biological parents divorced. After that, Bridget’s mom got remarried and they all moved to Minnesota, where Bridget spent the most of her youth.

Bridget’s cousin, Maggie, is the show’s producer. Bridget’s younger sister, Vanessa Phetasy, once made an appearance on the podcast show Walk-in Welcome, which Bridget hosted.

Bridget Phetasy Show

Bridget is a thriving journalist. She has hosted numerous programs, including podcasts like Dumpster Fire with Bridget Phetasy and Walk-ins Welcome for Ricochet, where she sarcastically and fluently expresses her political opinions.

She has featured on or hosted a number of the following programs:

  • •Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • •Not Making it in the City
  • •The Joe Rogan Experience
  • •Digital Sky

Bridget Phetasy Career

Bridget Phetasy Biography, Husband, Age, Family Show, Net worth

Bridget is an accomplished writer and journalist. She is a fantastic contributor to prestigious publications like Huff Post. A Federalist The Washington Examiner Spectator USA MEL Magazine New York Post New York Daily News Additionally, Bridget has experience working at a motorcycle shop and has been in well-known films including Felicity, Traffic Jam, and Vampire Slayer.

Bridget has authored and released a lot of novels. The title of her most recent book is Everyone I Disagree With Is Grifter. Seducing Men is Like Hunting Cows is the title of one of her books. Bridget used to work for the Playboy Magazine when she was younger.


Bridget Phetasy Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Bridget Phetasy is $400,000. She makes the majority of her income from performing, running a youtube channel, selling books, and using her influence on social media. Her username on Instagram is @bridgetphetasy.

Bridget on Social Media

Bridget regularly uses social media. Like many other celebrities, she spends the most of her time on Instagram. She has garnered more than 40,000 Instagram followers, 280,000 Twitter followers, and 5,000 Facebook fans. The number of subscribers to her YouTube channel is 42,000.

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