Adejayan Writes Dr. Adekolawole, Charges him to swift into ASUP issue

Dr. Prince Adekolawole J. T.


Dear Rector,
Being a respected religious leader permits me to open this letter in a scriptural way.
“…the wages you failed to pay the workers who mowed your fields are crying out against you…”
“…pay them their wages each day before sunset, because they are poor and are counting on it. Otherwise they may cry to the LORD against you, and you will be guilty of sin…” (As culled from the Holy Bible).

Sir, you are a shepherd, equally an African man, and it is not conventionally acceptable to explain such sayings to anyone with your respected status and background.
I have watched in dismay the trend of strike action in Ede Poly in the last three (3) years thereabouts.

I’m very disturbed, that is why I chose public fora to reach you.
Sir, it is heartbreaking to hear that the same administration currently faced by the shortage of internet facilities for smooth-running of CBT examinations which I had written about in my last correspondence to you still owe lecturers their last year’s part-time allowances.
Despite the huge amount generated from DPT and PT students, should lecturers still lament their hard-earned allowances?
50% truly cleared as insinuated by your office?
PT students who run a 3-years course programme deserve the stagnation?
What is the justification for the grounded academic activities?
Are the Part-time funds not been accounted for?
As rhetorical as they may sound, they are critical questions beckoning a logical response from your office, Sir.

It is said that the management of Federal Polytechnic Ede has been beaten too many times by staff unions during your administration as the school head, with the public beginning to lose interest in the system.

While your students are still recovering from the brutal shock that hit them in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing strike long suffered without any compunction, it is embarrassing to see your institution embark on yet another needless’ industrial action.
Sir, this leaves the future of the Polytechnic and its students in a very precarious state, even when the institution is still embroiled in a big struggle to stabilize the academic calendar, which is a pressing need of its students.

Let me be quick to state that an ongoing strike under your watch has a ripple effect on some forms of employment opportunity for your students, especially where age is an essential consideration for entry-level job positions.

Consider students who will be graduating at 29/30 and eligible for their National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), but having lost a full year in lump due to the ongoing strike under you, would now graduate at 30 plus and will no longer be eligible to serve.
It is vital to note, Sir, that with the current trend, a good number of the students will likely not be eligible for appointment upon graduation due to this negligence and narcissistic behaviour toward your aggrieved staff.

The regular use of students’ future as a tool of industrial bargaining is unwise and devilish and should stop.
This is devastating collateral damage brought about by unions’ repeated strikes under your tutelage.

No matter how long or short a strike may last, Sir has adverse effects.
Do you know that this ‘every time strike’ dwindles your students’ academic performance, as learning is suspended for a period, knowledge acquired begins to wane for lack of application and reinforcement?

Per my investigation, on the part of the lecturers, the repeated suspension of academic activities in the school makes them hurriedly brush through their academic work.
The effect of this is that they tend to forgo essential aspects of their course work, the semesters are cut short, and the students get bombarded with a lot of academic work within a short period.
In the end, this “scattergun approach” to literary and scientific academic studies leads to poor performance by students. Moreover, it will demean the overall standard of our beloved institution, Federal Polytechnic Ede.

Should this continue, the citadel is probably on the verge of producing half-baked students and graduates who are unemployable and lack the basic skills necessary to survive dynamic environments?
Should this persist, the system should be ready to take responsibility for the mass failure as it is not expected to ask students what they have not been thoroughly taught.
These necessitated the need for a smooth-running academic calendar.
Enough is enough, enough of the strike; it’s time to get to the root of this matter and close this rough chapter.

Please do not mistake me for a staunch oppugner, instead of a loyalist who will never compromise the interest of the public (Students).
Should I be optimistic that you will meet their demands this week, pay their allowances and let students resume to class after this letter because as ahead, I believe, no amount of words should change your love for a stable academic calendar even amidst irregularities in the system?
I hope the next time I write to you, it will be to congratulate you on the action on the subject matter. Until then…

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